Extensive experience in various assembly machines with rotary table

Our automated assembly process begins with a careful analysis of customer products and processes. The goal is to ensure that our equipment produces the level of precision and accuracy you demand.Our machines provide speed, quality, precision at competitive prices, save your organization money while creating a level of production efficiency you never thought possible.Our customers can rely on us to deliver their automation system on time, and perform to their expectations.

We pair our automated assembly machines with any component-feeding systems and test stations for a complete production solution.

When practical, we can also integrate vision control system into the machine design. Common vision functions include part presence, defects, orientation, and color identification.

Safety features are built into our machines, and can include light curtains, two-hand safeties, zero-force start buttons, laser scanners, RF guarding systems, safety controllers, mechanical interlocks, and collision sensing.
Whether fully or semi-automated, our machines are built to be both robust yet simple to minimize the costs of maintenance, downtime, and operator training.

Cam indexing rotary drives

precision and cost-effective solutions

Our customers can choose from a wide portfolio of cam inexing drives from Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Korea or China, carefully selected for any special task and budget 

Direct drives for rotary tables

Flexible solution for special applications. Excellent for large stops number

We offer direct drive motors made in Germany and Taiwan. We offer also our "in-house made" direct drives for low cost automation systems



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